Strip clubs are very common place to visit after sporting events. In New York City especially, where Citified, Yankee Stadium, Wein Stadium MetLife Stadium are home to the more popular New York Teams such as the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, NYCFC soccer team and the college Columbia Lions. Sports are competitive, and therefore are very stressful duration to players and fans.  So why are strip clubs the place to go after a game?  Because it’s an amusing thing to do.  The fans like to find a strip club to let loose and relax after the tense pressures of watching their team lose or win by inches, or even seconds.  Ricks Cabaret New York, Hoops Cabaret and Vivid Cabaret NYC see a lot of local NFL Giant or Jets fans flood the clubs after a game.  Sports fans  find themselves at their local strip club for the party atmosphere and the many things they offer like beautiful girls shaking their booties and performing pole tricks, not to mention the enjoyable food, the latest music hits that just complements the entertainment.  It also helps that many strip clubs, like Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid, are minutes away from the Hard Rock Football Stadium. Or those who don’t go to the games, watch the games at Gentlemen’s clubs like Hoops.  So perhaps the main reason so many sports fans visit the local strip club after the big game is because they are minutes away from the stadiums.  NBA Knicks fans asks us every year, what specials are you having after the NBA Playoff games?  Will you have special porn star girls, rap star guest DJs, do you have any specials?  They know they’ll be flocking to New York City to cheer their favorite team, so they want to plan the “After Game Party” often days in advance. NY Met fans have told us they love the music and the Lobster sliders and Vivid. Hoops Cabaret fans love the hamburgers and draft beer specials during the games.  The Yankee fans have told us they are craving Rick’s Cabaret NY Steak and Lobster by the time the game hits the 8 th inning.  Hearing fans love the food was a big surprise for us.   Apparently, fans are even more surprised that strip clubs have delicious food.  The clubs have evolved not only offer total nude entertainment, but they offer other forms of entertainment and choices to make the strip club experience that much more extraordinary for the local sports fans.  We’re happy to be here for them.