What to expect for your first strip club visit at Hoops NYC

Here’s our guide to how to get the most out of your visit to Hoops Cabaret in New York City.

You’re planning your fist visit to Hoops Cabaret and you don’t know what to expect.  For the strip club virgin, your first visit to a gentlemen’s club can be nerve racking, especially with how the media portrays the strip club industry. Especially here in New York City.  The truth is that the movies & video games exaggerate the gentlemen’s club industry for ratings and views.  The truth is much simpler, and fun.


Dress for success

Clubs are classy and lavish.  Dress to impress and to fit with the crowd.  If you want an up and close lap dance, entertainers should enjoy it as much as you. So dress nice and make sure you are clean and smell good. This will ensure that the sexy lady and you will have a very good time together.

Sitting by the stage.

Sitting by the stage gives you opportunity to see the many girls in the rotation that perform at Hoops. Every 3 songs or so, the rotation of entertainer changes. Having singles to throw around in appreciation of their show is what the typical stage visitor does. So bring some cash to exchange for some singles.  You don’t need to bring your life savings, but enough to give the girls a few bucks.  You’ll get a lot of attention every time you slip that dollar bill in some cleavage or a thong.

Let her do her job.

She wants you to enjoy the views, so let her do her job. It’s a pride thing for the entertainers to know you enjoy their moves. Looking and appreciating is perfectly normal and expected. Ignoring or avoiding entertainers is off-putting and even rude. Don’t take this to mean you don’t have to buy dances from all the girls, just the ones you like.

Should you bring your partner?

If she loves watching you get aroused, or if she wants to get aroused together yes, bring the wife, girlfriend….or both. Hoops entertainers love women, and men and love to make your lap dance special for the both of you. If your girl is not into strip clubs, don’t bother, it will only ruin your night, and ours if we can’t all have a good time together.

Can you take a picture?

No, the general rule is no pictures allowed. We respect the entertainer’s privacy. However sometimes your favorite entertainer might be okay with taking a selfie with you. Make sure you get her consent to take a picture with her. If you just want a picture of your group at the club popping bottles or making it rain, you can always grab a floor host and have them take the picture for you. Pictures do make for great memories. If you post them on social media, make sure you tag us a #hoopsnyc. Follow the tag to see who else is having fun at NYC’s sexiest sports bar!

Ask questions

Gentlemen’s clubs offer more than just the views.  Ask a host what the club offers.  Many clubs like Hoops offer a wide variety of beverages, special liquor brands, cigars and even food.  Clubs like Hoops focuses on major sporting events.  You can sit back and enjoy UFC and boxing events or even watch the local teams play on large TVs located throughout the club.  Some places offer special guest DJs or even special guest performers that put on a show.  

By now you should have figured out that going to a gentlemen's club is going to be just as safe and as comfortable as going to your favorite bar or restaurant.   You have absolutely nothing to worry about except to sit back and enjoy your visit.